Pre-Nuptial Coaching 

You know you are in love, you know your partner is the best thing that has happened to you.you know you are going to loose your beloved if you don't commit, but you are still finding it hard to commit.

Some issues that are at the core of fear of commitment is a fear of getting hurt, is not being confident that you can be happy in a relationship.

In very few sessions we will:

  • These sessions are more coaching than therapy
  • help you figure out and then alleviate all such fears and trepidations.
  • get you to a place of safety and confidence in nurturing a loving and long lasting relationship
  • help you understand the dynamics of your relationship that are harmful and how to overcome them
  • teach you how to love your  partner the way he/she wants to be loved
  • give you relationship knowledge and skills that are customized to you as a couple