I am very aware that when a couple comes into counseling at such a critical time, the session would probably be a last effort before calling it quits. As such I take the responsibility of working with you both very seriously.

I don't take any chances with at this stage. I want to see results. Of course I am compassionate, objective, and respectful, but I am also directive and result-oriented.

I will provide each of you with the correct tools to help you understand what is going on, and then stand by you as you figure out what is the best path for your and your family's future.

Unlike traditional therapy, even though you both come in together the work in Discernment Counseling is done mostly one-on-one with the counselor.

If you are even a little intrigued by what you have heard and read so far, call me for a free consultation so that I can answer question with your unique situation in mind. This way you can be sure if this is truly right for you or not. You can feel safe giving me private details as I will keep any and all details confidential even if we don't end up working together. Please don't email me private details.

You can be sure that if I think I can't help you, I won't take your case.

Take charge and call (973) 755-2306 or click "here" to make an online, on the phone or in-office appointment.