Motherhood: the most difficult yet important role you will forever play in your life

. . . and to think that is the one thing we are not trained for.

You start out with the best intentions as a mother. We all have our own lists of what we will never do: "I will never yell, or discipline my child, my kids will never fight or say 'I hate you mom' or go to the principles office or do drugs, or lie". The longer we are mothers, the more we realize how we are regularly brought to our knees by our children.

If you have the honor of being a mother, but are unable to enjoy the benefits that come with this very difficult role, its time you get help.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be a mother, but no mother can deny that every mother goes through moments where she does not feel very lucky at all. Children grow faster than we think, if you don't actively take action to fix your stress around motherhood, you may miss out on some of the precious moment you wanted to become a mother for in the first place.

If you are drowning in questions about what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how to do it right? Come on over. I have the answers.

Yes, motherhood should be fun. If you are stressed in you role as a mother, admit this, come for help and bring about change in you daily life. Parenting stress can effect:

  • your happiness
  • your children and family's happiness
  • relationship with your spouse
  • block the enjoyment that can come with motherhood
  • effectiveness as a mother and as a spouse
  • effectiveness at work
  • relationship with extended family members and friends
  • your confidence overall
  • your peace and calm, your creativity

It doesn't have to be this bad. There are solutions, come and find out what they are.

I would counsel you according to your unique circumstances. No problem is tough enough not to have a solution. All you need is motivation, support and direction.

I can help you with children of all ages, from new born babies and adolescents to adult children. 

Don't delay happiness and calm for one more day.

Take charge and call (973) 755-2306 or click "here" to make an online, on the phone or in-office appointment.