The premise you built your life on was a lie. All you know for sure right now is that nothing will ever be the same again. 

Betrayal by the one you have trusted your heart and soul to is very difficult to experience, and it is even more difficult to overcome. 

Your dignity is called into question and your self-respect is affected. 

One minute you may want nothing to do with your cheating partner, and another minute you may feel very possessive and want to make it work. You may even feel guilty for wanting someone who can betray you so heartlessly.

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The overwhelming mixed intense emotions and emotional reactions take away any normalcy that you may have felt. 

"Healing is definitely possible, it only needs your motivation and action." 


The shame and confusion that accompanies infidelity can alienate and cripple a person.

You begin to doubt: Your own judgement, other relationships, your ability to heal, love for yourself and others, your resilience, and your personal values.

At this time it is not always a great idea to get advice from your usual support system. People mean well, but it's not fair to think that they can truly understand your experience. 

Sometimes advice from well-meaning people can actually be harmful, and can move you further away from healing, rebuilding, and peace.

The right kind of help, guidance, and support at a time like this can be the defining factor for your and your partner's future peace & fulfillment.

We have come up with a protocol that promises deep and lasting healing and recovery.

"Yes, it is possible to heal from this. In fact if you are able to do it right, this turmoil can actually make your relationship stronger, deeper and more fulfilling than it ever was. But it cannot be done without motivation and putting concerted effort into healing and rebuilding." 

 You don't have to do this alone. Let us help you make sense of this devastating time.

"Our goal is to support you in transforming your suffering into strength, your turmoil into peace and you and your sense of loss into empowerment."

You can come to therapy with or without your spouse depending on what is right for your situation.

"If you are unsure about therapy and feel weird about what it would feel like to disclose such deep details to a stranger, call us on this HIPPA compliant number (973) 755-2306. We will give you a free confidential consult without any obligation so that you can get an idea of what you might be dealing with."

We offer HIPPA compliant online therapy as well as phone therapy, which is an excellent option to get expert care and professional direction for people who find personal disclosure difficult.

Call (973) 755-2306 or click "here" to make an appointment.