Everyone goes through hardship at some point in their lives and deserves to receive care when they need it the most without compromising their privacy or their reputation. This is why I offer a number of highly personalized services that cater to the privacy needs of my high public profile clients, such as:

  • No record of the diagnosis and treatment to insurance companies or workplace
  • No employees will have access to your file
  • Private exits and entrances
  • No waiting in the waiting room so that you don't run into anyone you may know
  • Diligence in using only the communication mode selected
  • Assurance that their private information would not get lost.
  • In-office or In-home counseling for an added fee.
  • Online and phone sessions available using HIPPA compliant phone and line

I have a tried and true model for Healing.

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You should have the same shot at recovering that everyone else has.

Don't suffer alone. I can help you.

I am very comfortable working with clients who have to deal with incessant attention from public. I offer a number of unique services to ensure that my clients with a high public profile never have to worry about their identity being revealed in any way at all.


It is hard enough to reach out for help as it is. Unfortunately this task becomes nearly impossible if you have a high public profile. Most people find the risk to be so great that they go without well needed support and care that everyone else is able to take advantage of for the fear of being found.  

Unfortunately not getting the correct professional care in a timely manner can create a vicious cycle for you when you are in need of genuine help: 

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  • Unresolved issues lead to isolation, the isolation becomes loneliness and feeds the issue and increases despair.

  • Sadly this likely weakens your motivation to not: get out of the dark cloud, meet people, have experiences, that may allow you to grow as individuals.

  • This diminished motivation, the isolation, the loneliness and the despair become the cycle that viciously keeps repeating itself.

  • Bad advice from well-meaning loved ones, or lack of proper support can complicate or perpetuate the issues you are facing

  • You are never able to step out of you inner circle to get the unbiased, professional opinion that can be used to advance yourself

  • Your present and future relationships get effected

  • Unfortunately it becomes difficult to make an effective recovery and you stay in the cycle of pain


My goal is to help you in figuring out your therapeutic goals and effectively work with you until you feel you have achieved success  

You can do this, I can help,

1. Call me at this HIPPA compliant phone number

(973) 755-2306

(Don't email as it can be traced)

2. Let me know about your interest in Discrete Counseling right away so I can offer you options.